Hi Everyone, a little about myself...

My name is Noelle, and as focused wife, mother, athlete, cook, and health conscience woman I have come to know that I'm too precious for processed. It's important to me that I do the best I can, and to work hard to regiment my lifestyle choices in a healthy positive way. Whether it be daily exercise, the food I consume, to simply having a positive outlook, I now understand the choices I make can assist me in feeling and looking my best from the inside out.

Life passes by far to quickly, so there was urgency to change my poor living habits and turn them into healthy, confidence building blocks for my today and into my future. While diet and exercise change seemed like it was going to be a difficult task (love my ice cream!), it really wasn't a difficult transition, and like with all changes in life, the first step was the most difficult.

I only look forward now, and I like what I see. Encouraging, helping, and motivating others is important to me, and I trust my site can aid in positive changes with you as well.  What I hope you take from your time here is that you are too precious for processed.

About My Blog

My main motivation for starting this blog was to share all that I am learning about living a healthier lifestyle with my family and friends. I often am asked about my meal plans at home or I'm asked to share a recipe of something I have prepared. Sometimes I will receive questions about particular products, ingredients, supplements, or essential oils. This blog gives me the platform to be able to share this information with all of you and I'm very excited to be able to do that.

About My Recipes

Most of the recipes on my blog our my own creations. Occasionally, you will find recipes from other blogs or resources.  You will notice that sometimes I follow the recipe exactly while other times I have made adaptions based on my family's preferences. I will always credit my original resource and note for any adjustments I have made.

I do not follow a specific "diet" like gluten free, paleo, or SCD. And while you will find those recipes on my blog, my main criteria for food is that it is whole food in its purist form possible. I do limit my gluten, sugar, and dairy and try to make the best choices possible. But I am not perfect by any means. I don't count calories as my lifestyle is not intended for me to lose weight. It is simply a choice I have made to intake the least amount of processed foods and chemicals so I can be as healthy as possible. Eating organic whenever possible is important to me and I am very selective of the food I buy. For example, I try to stick to grass fed and pasture raised options for my meat and dairy products.

I understand the word "processed" may mean different things to different people. So a little disclaimer here, not ALL of my food comes straight from the farm. Please keep that in mind should an ingredient in one of my recipes not fit your definition of processed. For example, canned coconut milk is a staple used in some of my recipes. Some people would define that as a processed food. But for me, it is a healthier alternative to using heavy creams or other highly processed ingredients in recipes. My goal is to simply show people a healthier way of eating and how delicious it can taste. I want to encourage others that there is a better way than that "typical American diet" we hear the media speak about. We don't need to buy things from a box, bag, can, or a drive-thru window. We have an abundance of nutritious whole foods right at our fingertips that can literally be life changing when incorporated into our diet.

Please note I'm not a registered dietitian or nutritionist. I'm learning from other resources and enjoy sharing the knowledge with others. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have for me and would love any feedback you wish to give. I hope you enjoy following along with me on this journey. Cheers!